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by on Mar.11, 2010, under About the Project

This garden was started by me as a project to involve the younger generation in the wonderful world of clivias and at the same time, honour the memory of my oldest son, Jason, 20 who  was tragically taken from us on 05/03/2009.

Jason was hit by a drunk taxidriver at a pedestrian crossing , while cycling back from class at NNMU. He died of complications a week later. Jason was a gentle, creative soul who was loved by everybody. This is my way of keeping his memory alive in gardens all over the world!

Seeds from the clivias in his Memory Garden will be donated yearly to all interested scholars and students all over the world.

This blog is a way of communicating with all recipients of his seedpackets and to keep us updated on the progress of their plants, to help with any problems concerning the growing of their seeds , and just to be able to interact with other young clivialovers from other parts of the world.

Seeds have been sent out to scholars and students in South Africa, America and Australia.

Seeds will be sent out yearly during August/September.

Contact us for any other info or if you would like to added to the list. Plants have been donated by a selection of cliviagrowers and all seeds will be marked when packed.

I hope this project will grow from strength to strength and I would like to thank all my family and cliviafriends who have supported me on this project.

Carrie Kruger

South Africa

Jason`s Garden of Remembrance in flower 2009

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Jason`s love continues to grow in this project

by on Mar.10, 2010, under About the Project

Jason an his sister Kyla,14

This Memory Garden for Jason is a family project and we all do our bit in helping it grow. His brother and sisters adored him and they always had a strong bond between them. Jason had a clivia called “Testament” This plant is planted in the middle of the Memory Garden. Seeds from Jason`s pollination efforts in 2008 were harvested by his younger brother Luke and the seedlings will be taken care of by him.

His sisters, Kyla and Jade do their bit when it comes to cleaning all the seeds. They are also a big help in the labelling and packing of the seeds.

Jason and his sister Jade, 12

Jason`s younger brother, Luke

Jade and Kyla at work packing seeds for the Memory Garden

Jason`s clivia "Testament" in seed

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Plants donated to the Memory Garden

by on Mar.01, 2010, under Donations of plants

Clivia maxima - Andy Forbes-Harding S.A

Here are some of the donors and the plants they have so kindly donated to this garden.I will be updating this as I keep receiving plants all the time. Unfortunately I don`t have pictures of all the plants, but where possible I will publish them as well.

Thank you to all my wonderful clivia friends all over the world who have opened their hearts to this project and supported me through donating plants to Jason`s Garden and in this way helping the younger generation start their clivia collections. These seeds will be planted and cared for by these young enthusiasts,  and in this way, I will keep Jason`s memory alive in gardens all over the world.

Thank you and bless you x


Celia and Bertie Guillaume S.A -Alida (a beautiful pink bred by Bertie)

Albert Venter S.A – Memory ( a lovely pink pastel)

Andy Forbes-Harding S.A -  ( red interspecific bred from Robusta and a sucker from Maxima)

Chris Viljoen S.A – Vibrant Green (a beautiful green throat)

Gordon Fraser S.A – Apricot twins, Dark Apricot with white throat and a Gerrit van Wyk yellow

Piet Theron S.A – “Kleintjie” -own breeding- Jim Holmes Orange x Bronze Green Boy no.1(compact plant, orange with white and green centre)

Kerneels Buitendach S.A – Giant broadleaf (10cm) Multipetal and a Chinese Broadleaf (12cm)

Kobus Visser S.A – own breeding ( semi broadleaf compact yellow group 2  bred from coromandel)

Mike Nagle U.S.A- Ignis ( tulip orange with wide  centre)

Rudo Lotter S.A- Honeysuckle (interspecific) and Blowtorch (interspecific)

Tremaine Wesson S.A – Variegated Yellow and Nobilis from Grahamstown

Willie le Roux S.A – Rudo Lotter peach and Peach bred from Vico yellow x Chubb peach

Victor Murillo U.S.A – 2x Victorian peach,2 x Gloria, Green Runner, Vic Daniels Clear yellow

Cathy Geraci U.S.A – green throated yellow

L.T. Tran U.S.A – variegated orange

John Handman – SA  – Cameron peach

Charl Malan -  SA – 2tone Interspecific from Nakamura

Louis Fourie – SA-  interspecific from Nakamura

2tone Interspecific- Charl Malan -S.A

Blowtorch - interspecific - Rudo Lotter

Cameron Peach - John Handman

Vibrant Green Throat - Chris Viljoen S.A.

Memory - Albert Venter S.A.

Group 2 Yellow bred form Coromandel - Kobus Visser S.A.

Ignis - Mike Nagle U.S.A.

Nobilis-Grahamstown - Tremaine Wesson S.A

199 Peach- Willie le Roux -S.A

Green Runner - Victor Murillo U.S.A

Vic Daniels Clear Yellow - Victor Murillo

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Jason Kruger 28/01/1989 – 05/03/2009

by on Feb.19, 2010, under About Jason Kruger

Jason was our firstborn. He was the most loving and caring older brother anyone could wish for. He leaves behind, brother Luke,17, and sisters, Kyla,14 and Jade,12.
Jason was a quiet, gentle child. He was a pleasure to have and I thank God everyday for the 20 wonderful years he was able to be a part of our family.
He was a typical artist, creative, innovative and always filled with ideas, dreams and desires.
He loved creating sculptures with clay and wood. Some still linger in my garden as a memory of his talents.
He was a blackbelt karate student and was the top academic pupil in primary school.
Jason had a wonderful, fine sense of humour and we miss this part of him too. We miss his laugh, his voice and his wonderful presence in our family.
Jason always had time to help others in need and was an avid member of the Interact club at their school. He never ever had anything bad to say about someone else, but would rather see the good in that person.
We will always remember him as the gentle, loving soul he was.
His place is empty now, but we fill it with the wonderful memories he has left us.
Jason had a higher calling and we as a family have to accept and live with that.
This project is to honour his name and to keep his memory alive for ever

Our beloved Jason, 28/01/89 - 05/03/09

“What He means” – our song for Jason by Just Jinger


If there is Grace in this world
If there is light on this earth
Let us use it, let us see it.. starting right now

Can we be down with ourselves?
Respectful and mindful of one
Of one another, your significant other,
Your sister or brother?

Peace, Love, more tolerance.
Faith, hope, trust in the same name of God

Peace, Love, more tolerance.
Faith, hope, trust in the same name of God in whose
name we die for, take an innocent life for
well that’s not what he means..
and it doesn’t matter what Book you read

Is there relief upahead?
Cos Judgement and hearing await
A weight on our mindsto bear,
A shame on our hearts to wear

Where is Salvation now?
Now that we have what we want
Now that we have our wars..

Peace, Love, more tolerance.
Faith, hope, trust in the same name of God in whose
name we die for, take an innocent life for
well that’s not what he means..
and it doesn’t matter what Book you read

with a little bit of ease and little bit of calm
acceptance is the key to all we know
what about a stir of compassion and
what about some understanding?
what about some sympathy?

Peace, Love, more tolerance.
Faith, hope, trust in the same name of God in whose
name we die for, take an innocent life for
well that’s not what he means..
and it doesn’t matter what Book you read

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Jason` wall of remembrance in the Memory Garden

by on Feb.19, 2010, under The Garden

Jason` wall of Remembrance in the Memory Garden

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The garden in flower 2009

by on Feb.19, 2010, under The Garden

The Garden in flower 2009

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The sign lovingly made by Jason`s grandfather

by on Feb.19, 2010, under The Garden

The sign Jason`s Grandpa made for the garden

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Simon Baggs, 16, Florida,U.S.A

by on Feb.16, 2010, under Feedback from recipients of seed

Hello Mrs. Kruger,

My name is Szymon Baggs. I am 16 years old, and in 11th grade of Middleburg Sr. High School.
I live with my mom in Middleburg, Florida. My dad died 5 years ago of blood cancer.
Mom has been sick for the past 3 years. She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. She had to stop working last year because of her condition. She is not a person who can sit doing nothing so she started growing clivias just for our pleasure, and I have been helping her with them.
I know it sounds funny – I am a boy and helping mom with plants. I like it and wish their flowers stay pretty for longer than they do.

I would like to grow a clivia that would make my mom happy, and that’s why I am writing to you Madam hoping you let me to have some of your seeds.

Wish you the best,

Hello Carrie,

It’s Jolanta, Simon’s mother.

We received the seeds and planted them, a few weeks ago.
Thank you so much for sending them for Simon. He seems to be very excited and checks on them every day.

We have had a problem with our computer, and had to get a new one. I did it easier on me, and got a new one as Simon’s Christmas present so…..we were out of contact for over a month.

Sorry for being late.
Would like to wish you and your Family a Happy New Year.

In a few weeks, I should have some seeds of nice crosses ready for harvesting and I will send you some to plant in Jason’s Memory Garden.

Thank you again,

Simon in front of their clivias

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Marco Pretorius 10, South Africa

by on Feb.16, 2010, under Feedback from recipients of seed

Hi Carrie
Thank You for the clivia seeds.
I will take good care of them and add them to my collection, which consist of Nobilis seeds from Connie and James Abel and Miniata seeds from Fritz Van Schalkwyk which is already seedlings of three months old.
I am so sorry to hear about Jason. But every time I see this seeds I will be thinking of You and Jason.
Please thank all the Donors and may this project be a great success and change many lives.
Marco Pretorius

Here is a pic of Marco Pretorius
Date of birth 31/03/1999
Anny thing that crawls and flies
He is in Van Riebeeck Park Primery in Kempton park GR4

Marco 10, one of our youngest recipients of seed

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Jordan Williams,13 years, South Australia

by on Feb.15, 2010, under Feedback from recipients of seed

Hi Carrie
I emailed you yesterday in relation to obtaining some seed from you if at all possible. I forgot to put in my mailing address just in case. It is Jordan Williams PO Box 761 Strathalbyn South Australia 5255.
Jordan Williams
Hi Carrie, Just potted your seed up, exellent seed..Jordan

Seeds from Jason`s Memory garden germinating

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